Football Betting is beyond any other sports when it comes to betting, it is undeniably the most valued market in the sports betting industry. Football Betting has one of the widest varieties of betting types where you can literally bet on anything, with the help of in-play betting, you can also do this at any time. Football Betting has made a huge shift from betting shops to online betting and mobile gambling. With the amount of betting sites at our fingertips nowadays, it can be hard to distinguish which online betting site is most suited to you. At Bookies Bonus we have rounded up what we consider to be the most effective and efficient online football betting sites that allow you to get the most out of football betting, they are as follows:

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Football Betting Site

It is far from easy to choose the perfect football betting site to fulfil your football betting needs, on the other hand there are ways to make it easier for you to make that decision. Certain factors can be taken into consideration and certain features can be spotted on the betting sites that will give them that competitive edge over one another. The quality of the site will say it all. Here are some of the features to consider:

League Variation

Although it is evident that the premier league is the most popular league for sports betting, it is not the only one that punters like to bet on. Each online betting site will have a limitation as to how many football leagues they will allow you to bet on. Majority of them will include the main favourites, which are leagues such as: Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Championship, League One, League Two, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, France Ligue 1, World Cup, MLS, Europa League, Primeira Liga, Eredivisie and many more! Some betting sites will take it that extra step and allow you to bet on matches and leagues that you may never have heard of before! When we consider what leagues we can bet on, we don’t just want to be able to bet on individual games, it is important to see what variety is available. For example, some of the most notorious football betting sites (Ladbrokes, Sky Bet, Bet365, etc) will allow you to bet on specific topics like who you think will win each league or how many points you predict they will get this season. Just really niche betting markets like that will increase your betting experience and allow you to have more freedom with football betting.


Ultimately one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your football betting site is what markets you can bet on. The more markets you have at your disposal, the better. The standard betting sites will have your usual markets: Win/Draw/Loss, Full Time Predictions, Goal scorers, and a lot of punters favourites: Accumulator. Your more advanced betting sites will take it a step further allowing you to predict goals within certain timeframes, predict how many goals a player will score, in-play betting and more. Outrights/Specials are also something to consider, some betting sites will allow you to bet on situations that may occur in the upcoming months or years, not right there and then. A perfect example being betting on who you think will be the top goal scorer for the season, or which team you think will win the league.

Biggest Selection of Markets:

William Hill One of the most senior and oldest betting sites in the industry is William Hill. They also consider themselves as a market leader in the industry. They are always looking for ways to expand their site and one of the ways they do this is by increasing their market selection. To some punters it may seem random and strange, but it is also there to be appreciated. Punters can go as far as to betting on youth games across the world that they may not have even known were happening. This is beneficial as it gives you more betting selections to allow you to have more fun.


Not all betting sites in the UK will give you the same betting odds for the same games. Some bookmakers will give you better betting odds than others. It is usually the less popular, smaller betting sites that will give you better odds in order to attract more customers and gain more popularity. Here are some of the most favourable betting sites in terms of Odds: Betfair Betfair are always trying to give customers the most from their selections, one way they do that is by giving them the best odds possible. It is hard to compete with other betting sites in terms of odds as you can’t offer too much for predictable results, but they need to be competitive odds. The way that Betfair can offer higher odds is down to the Betfair Exchange, the betting exchange briefly works by betting against other punters rather than the company, meaning that Betfair wont actually lose any money. They will actually just take a small fee from the winnings, smart going!

Welcome Bonus

With Football being the most popular sporting market, some bookmakers will target their welcome bonuses specifically for punters wanting to bet on football as that will attract a lot of new customers. A welcome bonus is ultimately what will kickstart your betting account and get the ball rolling. If used effectively, it can start you off on a good track and put sufficient funds into your betting account, allowing you to bet with more freedom and for longer. As well as the welcome bonus, don’t forget to look out for the existing customer promotions for that betting site. A lot of betting sites will further promote football betting and will offer you promotions such as: Acca Boost, Acca Insurance, Enhanced Odds, Free Bets.


Aside from the fun aspect of betting, there are some legal rules and obligations that betting sites need to abide by. It may seem boring and not something you particularly look out for when you bet online, however it is very important as it is ensuring your safety only. That is licensing, all the sites you see at Bookies Bonus have been licensed under the UK Gambling Commission, meaning that they follow strict orders that are in place to keep your personal details safe and avoid putting you at risks for claims such as Fraud. You can always check if the website is licensed by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage where you will see the logo for the gambling commission.

Live Streaming

Although it is not a necessity, it is still convenient to have. The live streaming option used by betting sites normally means that if you place a bet on a certain football match, you will be given the option to watch that match live from your device, free of charge. This is very convenient for punters that don’t have time to sit there and watch the game, instead they can live stream it on the go.

Best Live Streaming Sites:

Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is one of the most popular betting sites in the industry and there’s really no surprise as to why. They offer their customers so much in terms of football betting, one of them things being the option to live stream football events. The other great thing about Ladbrokes’ live streaming, which makes it better than the average stream, is there’s minimal delay, so you can stay on top of the action as it happens. They also like live streaming other sports such as Horse Racing, another incredibly popular betting sport. UniBet UniBet have put a lot of focus on football live streaming. To watch it all you need is an account and to deposit a small amount and then you are free to watch the matches. The variety that you can stream on Uni Bet is brilliant, it is not just the premier league. They allow you to stream some of Europe’s top games. Bet365 Along with Ladbrokes, Bet365 is a strong competitor and up there with the best betting sites in the world. Bet365 really emphasise their live streaming markets and you have the option to watch thousands of matches live every year through their site. The way that Bet365 differentiate themselves is that they don’t just allow you to watch the most popular matches, you can watch games from leagues that you may not have even heard of before, or if you are a supporter of lower teams and get annoyed that your team are never being shown live, I’m sure Bet365 can help with that!

Live Betting

Live Betting, or also known as in-play betting is an increasing popular market in the football betting industry. Live Betting allows you to predict and bet on an outcome to happen on a game whilst the game is happening live. This could be something like predicting the next goal scorer or anything like predicting a sending off to happen. The great thing about this is that as it is in-play, you get a sense of how the game is going and a better, more accurate understanding of what could possibly happen.

Betting Promotions

Online betting is filled with football promotions for you to get your hands on. Some of the betting bonuses available have been mentioned above that you will be familiar with, but here is a list of some of the most favourable promotions: Enhanced Odds A nice little promotion just to allow you to get a bit extra from your bets. Enhanced odds can even occur on favourites to make the bet even more inviting and make it worth putting some money on. Acca Insurance Acca insurance is always a nice backup to have on your accumulators. Acca insurance works if you have 5 or more selection in your acca. If one of the selections fail, you will be awarded your stake back. However, this usually has betting limits of around £25. Money Back Promotion This is also known as a risk-free bet. It is typically awarded to new customers as a promotion for their first bet. The money awarded back to you may not be withdrawn and instead it is given as a free bet. Sometimes there are a few restrictions to this, like min odds restrictions. This promotion is typically used for Horse Racing as well. Competition Promotion A lot of bookmakers will create promotional offers for footballing events that are going to attract a lot of customers. A perfect example for this is the World Cup betting and Champions League Betting. When the World Cup is on, you will see so many promotions for specific games, usually England Games, that will tempt you to back England and will give you really good odds for simple bets. The same applies for the Champions League, a competition that has global recognition.