Best US Sports Betting Sites

Thanks to Bookies Bonus, you are now able to access all of the best sports betting sites in the United States, register with them and claim their hugely rewarding welcome packages today!

Here you will find an overview of a variety of US betting sites and what they can offer you in terms of a betting experience. All punters have different tastes and preferences in what they expect from online betting sites, and that is why in our list of betting sites, we have listed a range of top betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Online Betting Sites

Finding a reliable, trustworthy and also well rewarding betting site is not the easiest of tasks. With such a huge range of online betting site out there in the US, it can be difficult to decide which one is a best match for your betting habits and preferences. What is obvious is that customers want to be registered with the most rewarding and easily accessible US betting sites.

In our decision-making process, we have set standard that all bookmakers need to meet in order to be considered one of the best betting sites. It might not always be the case that the more appealing betting sites and the most rewarding online betting sites are ranked top of Google, you may be missing a hidden gem. That is why our reviews and offers are a perfect way of locating the best betting sites that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

There are different factors and aspects that you can consider when deciding what sportsbook to sign up to. Below we have listed many of these different factors for you. This will help you for when you find a bookmaker, you can analyse these aspects of the sportsbook to help you decide whether it is a great sportsbook to place your bets with or not.

Factors of Choosing an Online Sportsbook

To keep it nice and simple, we have a main 10 factors that we think all customers should consider when registering at a new online betting site.

Welcome Bonus & Bet Offers

One of the most important factors that customers will always look for, are the promotions and bonuses that a betting site is willing to offer them. This begins with the sign up bonus of the sportsbook. Welcome bonuses differ massively between sportsbooks and the types of welcome bonuses can also be different, for example whether it’s a free bet bonus or a matched deposit bonus.

Free Bet bonuses are more common on UK betting sites, whereas with US betting sites, they tend to offer first deposit bonuses. Sometimes you may come across an offer that requires a promo code, if this is the case, when you view the bonus on our website, we will give you the required bonus, so that you can copy and paste it into the promo code field.

You also want to consider the further betting offers for both new and exiting customers. It is important to check whether or not the site offers promotions beyond the welcome bonus. This is going to help you improve your betting experience. Some sites may offer a huge welcome bonus to draw you in then as soon as you have registered you come to realise that in terms of bonuses, there isn’t much appeal. If you head over to the promotions page of a betting site, you will be able to realise whether or not there is much appeal beyond the welcome bonus.

Betting Markets

U.S betting sites have a nice variety of betting markets presented on their betting sites. These include the major betting sports that are popular all over the globe. These sports include the major fixtures that you can find in the sporting world, by betting on the fixture, you are making it even more exciting. On some of the sports, you do not just have to bet on US fixtures, you can also predict sporting fixtures from around the world.

Once you have chosen the sport in which you want to bet on, you can then choose markets within these sports to predict. There are some interesting markets that you can wager on, which you may not have considered previously. New markets are always being added to these sports in order to offer you a better experience.

Betting Types

If you are not used to US betting sites, there are some betting types that you need to be aware of and try. These betting types are going to be what you will predict when you pick a fixture, so it is important that you know what you are betting on.

Points Spread

The original point spread value is set by the sportsbook themselves, you have to then decide which team you think will be able to be successful in the spread. An example of this would be if a team has a spread of -4.5, that team then has to win the match by at least 5 points in order for the spread bet to be a winner.

Total Bet

For this betting type, a bookmaker will set a total score that the teams within that fixture have to hit. The bookmaker will combine the score of both teams and if it reaches over the points specified pre-match, then you will win. For example, in the Super Bowl, if the points tallied to over the total bet, then you win!


A money line bet is a simple bet where all you need to do is predict the winner. In a fixture, simply choose which team you think will win, and that is a money line bet.

Parlay Bets

This is a betting type that will combine different selections into one bet. The best way to imagine this betting type is as an accumulator bet. You can pick numerous selections and for the bet to be successful, they must all win.

Future Bets

Future bets are literally what you think they are, predictions for future events. In UK betting, they are labelled as Specials. This is where you may want to predict tournament or competition winners.

Prop Bets

These are more low-key type of bets. In these markets you are not actually betting on the key parts of a match, for example the winners, or anything of that sort. You are betting on the more minor aspects of a match. For example, who will win the coin toss. This is a simple and fun way of betting, giving you more choice.

User Interface

The betting site or betting app lay out is very important for customers. Betting sites need to keep it nice, simple and easy to navigate. This is the structure that most betting sites follow. They fill their pages with quick links and tabs so that you can get to the betting selections that you want to with ease.

Tastes and preferences also come in to play here as some customers prefer a more modern betting site and others might like the more traditional approach, with simple aesthetics and visuals, not a lot going on. Most betting sites come with a mobile app now as well, as more customers are resulting to mobile gambling over desktop gambling. The mobile betting apps replicate the same lay out as the betting website for that sportsbook.

Licensing & Safety

All of the online betting sites that you will find at Bookies Bonus are licensed under an established gambling commission. Most of the betting sites will be licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission but there are other commissions that are just as safe and appropriate. These gambling commissions ensure a safe and fair betting experience. When you have properties like banking information and personal details involved, it is important that these details are kept safe and not exposed unnecessarily. The gambling commissions are in place to ensure this safety. They also make sure that sports betting sites are not lying about their offers and features, none of what they advertise can be misleading.

You can check which gambling commission the betting sites here are registered at by reading the bookmaker review or by heading over to the sports betting site and reading the terms and conditions.

Mobile Gambling

As we mentioned earlier, more customers are using mobile gambling as apposed to desktop gambling, which is mainly down to the convenience of mobile gambling. Some online betting sites come with official betting apps, these betting apps are free to download and can be downloaded on mobile software such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Once you have downloaded the app you can save your login details onto it, which saves the job of having to re-enter the details every time you log in.

The betting apps can also integrate some of the features of specific mobile developers to be better optimised. For example, on iOS devices, some betting sites have integrated the use of Touch ID for logins. So, scanning your fingerprint will allow you to enter your betting account.

Additional Platforms

What we mean by additional platforms, is whether or not the betting site also has online casinos aspect to it or bingo, Vegas, live casinos and other betting departments. A lot of betting sites with offer more than just a sportsbook, which is great, especially if you are a punter that enjoys playing both sports betting and casino betting. As well as this, they can also offer separate bonuses for these different betting departments.

Payment Methods

The amount of payment options that are available on the online sports betting sites can also play an important part on whether or not a customer wants to sign up and place their bets there. The more payment methods available, the better. When it comes to claiming the bonuses on the sports betting sites, you will not be able to use any form of payment other than a card payment. However, once you have claimed the bonuses, or if the bonuses do not interest you, you are able to use e-wallets and other payment methods to place bets. With US betting, we have to be careful as some American banks will not approve gambling transactions.

Common payment methods that you can find at US sports betting sites include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill, Neteller, Person Person, Dash, Litecoin.

Customer Service

It is important that customers are given the correct help and service when it comes to gambling. When dealing with money and other issues, sufficient support needs to be in place. The more customer support methods a betting site can provide, the better. Common contact methods on betting sites include email, live chat and telephone support. Telephone support is useful as it allows customers to speak over the phone to a member of team and queries can be dealt with at speed. Live chat is also useful, it puts you in a chatroom with a member of team to discuss the problems you are experiencing, where with email it can be good for sending across documents.