Credit Cards & Debit Cards

The most popular and most traditional payment method at any online betting site is Credit Card/ Debit Cards. The reason for this is that not only has it been going the longest, in comparison to other payment methods, but also it is so easy for customers to add to their betting account and also so easy for bookies to take payments from. Read our reviews on all the major debit cards and credit cards that you can access at most online betting platforms. There are a variety of different Credit and Debit card methods that you could use, for example: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Maestro, EntroPay Visa Card, American Express.

Debit Cards

Visa and Maestro are perfect examples of debit cards that you can use as your preferred method of payment. They are widely accepted across the UK. As it is linked to your bank account, it makes it easy for betting sites to chase. The only negative in suggestion to this payment option is that withdrawal speeds can take a matter of days due to the high level of security involved with banking and ensuring your money is safe. Read more about Debit Cards with our detailed review.

Credit Cards

Visa and MasterCard are your typical forms of Credit Cards that are accepted by UK betting sites. When making a deposit or withdrawal from your account, it can in some instances comes with a fee from the bookie, but also you could be charged for making a deposit to your bank account.

EntroPay Visa

Some of you may have come across EntroPay before, it is a pre-paid Visa card that is virtual and therefor not a physical item. It is accepted at a lot of UK and European betting sites but not all of them. It is extremely safe and also players can be on the look out for specific bonuses for this payment method. Read More!

American Express

American Express is often left out by some betting sites, which is a shame. The reason why it is often excluded is because of their high processing fees. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is all doom and gloom for this payment method.


This specific type of payment is what is causing a lot of commotion in the betting industry. Players are starting to sign up to different e-wallets and using them as their preferred method of payment, which means that bookmakers are now having to accept it on their site. You fund your through your bank account, so essentially, you deposit funds into an e-wallet, and then funds are then processed from your e-wallet to your betting account. One of the main benefits to e-wallets is the ease of them. When you want to deposit funds using a credit or debit card, you have to manually enter in all the necessary digits, where as with e-wallets, you can simply enter in your login details, for example an email and password and then add funds from there. E-wallets allow you to monitor transactions easily and compare your winnings to loses. E—Wallets have extreme security levels and players respect that, with the number of hackers and payment issues that can occur nowadays, e-wallets seem a safer option for customers. Withdrawal speeds can also be faster than debit/credit cards, they can take a matter of hours for e-wallets. The only real big issue is the fact that not every betting website has clocked onto the idea of e-wallets and therefore not all of them are accepted. Also, players can experience some issues trying to claim bonuses using e-wallets, for a lot of them, they are restricted.


PayPal is a global hit. With customers worldwide, it is considered the most reliable e-wallet, used for not just gambling, but also buying other goods and services. Withdraw and deposit funds from your bank account to PayPal within seconds. It is a shame that not every bookmaker will accept PayPal, it is a slight restriction for PayPal as it is a certainty that more people would use it as their preferred method of payment is their betting platform would accept it.


Skrill are an electronic payment option who are owned by the same group that own Neteller and PaySafeCard. As safe and secure they are, they are not accepted by bookies to claim welcome bonuses or any other promotions. This is a shame; however, it is still a good method of payment to consider. Read more about Skrill and where you can use it…


Neteller operates in the same way as Skrill. Neteller at one point rose to huge popularity and was used an extreme amount by punters all over the globe. It still is a big hit within the industry today, however it may not be peoples first choice anymore, especially considering that you cannot claim any welcome offers with it.

Other e-Wallets

There are a number of other electronic wallets for you to read into and consider. Read into it at Bookies Bonus and see if any appeal to you! It is important to consider other payment options as they might just be more beneficial to you. This includes the likes of Apple Pay and EcoPayz, some other big-name brands that are all in place to make your betting experience more enjoyable.

Cash Methods

Cash payments are as traditional as it gets and back in the day, used to be the only method of payment that were accepted in betting shops. Nowadays, everything has transferred to online and therefore with that, the use of cash payments has massively decreased, and players are using either e-wallets or cards. As you are unable to just shove cash into your computer to fund your account, the only real solution to keep cash payments going in the gambling industry is through the use of pre-payment cards and cash vouchers. Some betting sites will allow you to fund your online betting account from a betting shop. For example, if you walk into a betting shop like Ladbrokes, you can hand in cash and ask to have it transferred to your online betting account with Ladbrokes.

PaySafe Card

With PaySafe Card, you don’t need a bank account to fund your online betting account. You can purchase vouchers from certain betting shops and other high street stores, using cash. The only real negative that comes with this method is that there can be some restrictions when it comes to withdrawals. Find out more!

Virtual Currencies

Virtual currencies can be seen as quite difficult to understand for some punters and are therefore ignored. There’s no denying that they are complicated in comparison to your standard currencies. This is due to them being not only completely digital, but also, they are not linked to any country or economy. It is supported by an online network of people. This way, no banks are involved.


Bitcoin are a perfect example of a virtual currency and are the only ones that are accepted by a select few betting sites. As it has only been around in recent years, Bitcoin has not won over every betting company. Only a number of them are allowing the use of it. Everything is done digitally and as well as being secure, Bitcoin is also cheap and fast. Another alternative to consider.

Alternative Payment Methods

Other payments that you may want to look into include the likes of Bank Wire and Bank Transfer, which result in faster payments. This is a good method to use but sometimes may come with an added fee. Also, Western Union may be one to check out, a global money sending service which also has fees.