Best PayPal Betting Sites

Majority of the most established and top betting sites accept PayPal as a payment method. With how convenient it is and its popularity, it is important to include PayPal as a payment option. Here is a list of potential online gambling sites that allow the use of PayPal for betting:


Betfred is one of the most reliable betting sites with the best betting offers. There are so many rewards for new and existing customers to claim all the time. PayPal is a payment method in which you can claim these bonuses with. Betfred has a range of special bets that you can place, which you may not find at any other casino site. The minimum deposit you can make using PayPal is £5. The maximum deposit amount is a staggering £15,000. Then moving onto withdrawals, the minimum withdrawal amount is £5, and the maximum is £5000. You are not charged extra for using PayPal, the amount you see is the amount you get. Read our Betfred Review and check out their latest Promo Codes.


Ladbrokes is one of the seniors of the gambling world, with so much experience and expertise in the industry, they have produced one of the best online sports betting sites. They offer extremely competitive odds and bonuses, some which are unique to them and you cannot find anywhere else. If you are a punter that loves getting involved in Football and Horse Racing, then Ladbrokes may certainly be the betting site for you. Ladbrokes also have a range of betting shops scattered around the UK, however, PayPal cannot be used in store before you decide to try it! The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount are £10. It can take up to 48 hours for withdrawals to reach your betting account. Check out the Ladbrokes Promo Codes that you can claim.

Paddy Power

You have probably come across one of Paddy Power’s humorous marketing ads before, whether its on any website, YouTube or TV. Well they are one of the most popular betting sites and are a PayPal betting site! After having a complete website make over, Paddy Power is now one of the best betting sites to place your sporting bets. They have a mobile app that you can download on iOS and Android devices. The minimum deposit amount for PayPal to Paddy Power is £5, which is the same as other payment methods. Deposits will reach your account immediately, so you can use them on any bets there and then. In terms of withdrawals, they are also quick. This is very important because usually sportsbook’s will make withdrawals slow and delay the time money will enter your account. PayPal withdrawals from Paddy Power can take between 1-4 Hours. Check out the latest Paddy Power Promo Codes.

William Hill

As well as Ladbrokes, William Hill is another senior betting site in a saturated industry. William Hill will be no stranger to punters. It has one of the largest customer bases and largest betting markets. They have excellent promotional offers for you to claim both online and in their betting shops. The minimum deposit amount is £10, which is higher than other betting site operators. The maximum deposit amount is a whopping £5,500. The minimum withdrawal amount is as little as £5, the withdrawal speed is excellent. Funds could be with you within 1 business day! You can use the William Hill Promo Codes to gain more bonuses.


Another established betting site that allows the use of PayPal, is Betfair. Betfair are very good at differentiating themselves from other betting sites. For example, their introduction of Betting Exchange. Betting Exchange, in simple terms, is where punters bet against each other instead of against the bookmaker. On the downside, Betfair do have a fee added to PayPal deposits, which currently stands at 1.5%, withdrawals are free. The min deposit amount is £10, however the withdrawal minimum is the smallest you can find, as little as £1. Withdrawals can be processed within 24 hours.

How to Make a Deposit

Making a deposit into your PayPal account could not be simpler, although it was touched upon earlier, we have created a step by step guide in order for you to deposit funds hassle free:
  1. Choose PayPal as your payment method.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. When directed to PayPal, log in to complete the transfer.
  4. If you have not already made a PayPal account, you can quickly create one before depositing. Just follow the instructions.


PayPal is considered one of the safest, if not the safest, payment method that you can use. PayPal have multiple security barriers in place in order to keep your banking information confidential and not given to any unnecessary parties. It can be considered safer than exposing your credit/ debit card details with betting companies. Only the information that is crucial in order to allow you to make deposits and withdrawals are required. PayPal are so secure, to the point where they can be considered as maybe over-protective. If there are any slight suspicions of fraudulent activity, PayPal will flag it up and alarm you immediately. They may even go to the extreme of freezing a transaction if they are not happy with it. Cases like this can be easily dealt with, all it takes is a phone call to their customer service team and it can be resolved.

PayPal Fees£

Players can worry sometimes about potentially being charged extra by PayPal for using their services, when in fact, in most cases PayPal will let you use their services for free. PayPal will allow you to deposit/ withdraw funds. Betting sites also don’t typically charge any extra fees for using PayPal, apart from Betfair. Betting sites may encourage the use of PayPal and allow you to deposit the full amount you want, without a percentage being taken away.

Mobile Deposits & Withdrawals

PayPal deposits and withdrawals can also be activated on mobile devices. Using either the bookmaker mobile app, or using the website through your smartphone, you can still make payments through PayPal. If you have a smartphone such as an iPhone, you can use Touch ID to access PayPal and deposit funds to your betting account. Receiving money into your PayPal account can be just as fast as depositing.

Advantages & Disadvantages

It is clear that we have ironed out a lot of advantages that come with PayPal and using it as a preferred method of payment for betting sites. So, we have established that it is one of the safest payment methods, there are rarely ever any transaction fees and the withdrawal/depositing time is extremely fast, which is highly beneficial for customers. PayPal have a mobile app for you to download as well as being able to download the bookmaker’s app. So, you could have both apps there for immediate access, allowing you to check your PayPal funds and then deposit some funds too. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages that come with PayPal. The first one being that it may exclude you from accessing particular bonuses. Not all bonuses allow PayPal as a method of claiming free bets and other bonuses. Sometimes you may only be able to use methods such as debit or credit cards. Also, not all bookmakers have latched onto the idea of allowing the use of PayPal as an efficient method of payment and don’t include it in their site, which is a real problem for punters that only want to use the safest of methods. Although debit and credit card payments are still safe and secure.


PayPal is definitely worth signing up to and using it as your preferred method of payment when betting at an online bookmaker. It is possibly the most secure payment option at any bookie, as well as being fast at deposit and withdrawing funds. PayPal have extremely helpful customer services and if anything were to go wrong with a payment, they are extremely helpful in solving the issue for you. As you could see there were a lot of well-known betting sites that accepted PayPal, emphasising how efficient it can be. These particular bookmakers may also have a casino that accepts PayPal, giving you the best of both worlds. These betting sites that accept PayPal are definitely increasing the ease of use for online betting and making it a safer and better experience.